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11 May 2013

Report Two from NGS 2013

I had a chance to sit down with 2013 Conference Chair Stefani Evans to talk about the collaboration with local genealogical societies.

NGS 2013 Conference Chair Stefani Evans, CG

Stefani explained that "normally" the NGS Annual Conference partners with one or two large groups to serve as "local host societies" who are asked to provide more than 400 volunteer hours to help staff and run the four-day event. Since none of the local Las Vegas groups were large enough to supply that kind of woman/manpower, a new model had to be created.

Evans put out a call to several organizations and for the first time a coalition of six "hosts" was formed, representing "a really good demographic in genealogy."

Centennial Las Vegas Genealogy Society
Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society
Jewish Genealogy Society of Southern Nevada
Las Vegas FamilySearch Library
Nevada African American Genealogy Society
Nevada State Society Daughters of the American Revolution

One positive outcome for the local societies is a new spirit of cooperation and collaboration going forward. Stefani calls it "cross-pollinating" since host members are joining each other's groups. She sees it as a positive example for groups across the country who sometimes exist in isolation from each other.

Well done, Las Vegas area societies! And thank you, Stefani Evans.

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