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30 June 2013

The California Nugget, Spring 2013, Volume V, Issue 1

The Spring 2013 edition of The California Nugget has been sent to the printer and will soon begin arriving in members' mailboxes. Editor Jane Hufft and Production Editor Lois Elling have created another great issue. Here is Jane Hufft's letter from the editor:
Dear Readers,

Yes, it has been a race against time to have this issue of The California Nugget arrive in your mailboxes while it is still officially spring! We do hope you will enjoy the articles and information we have gathered for our CGS readers and friends.

The reissue of Kathleen C. Beals’ Index to San Francisco Marriage Returns 1850 – 1858 is one of many projects underway at the society. This new edition will once again make this important data available to researchers. We asked Kathleen about the history of the Index, which she recounts in her article that begins on the front cover. Data from the nineteenth century, compiled in the twentieth, is newly available in the twenty-first.

This issue is especially rich in family history. Linda Harms Okazaki tells the story of her research into the Okazaki family’s internment during WWII and what she discovered as she traced the ordeal: forced removal from home and possessions, separation from family members and community, loss of identity and dignity.

An ancestor’s diary is a treasure for a family historian. Lisa Gorrell places a series of diary entries into the context of her ancestor’s life, illuminating courtship in the 19th century, and letting us know how Amos Gorrell chose his future wife and made important personal decisions.

Lavinia Grace Schwarz has meticulously traced the history of her most elusive ancestor, Laura Evelyn Duggan Gilbert Christie, in the hopes that someone, somewhere, has a photograph of her. In the meantime, Lavinia’s sketch of Laura’s complicated life is not to be missed.

While CGS currently has over a thousand members, the special page honoring Member Anniversaries celebrates the long-term commitment to the society demonstrated by those who have been members from twenty- five to fifty years. In the fall issue, we will celebrate another group, those who have been members for twenty to twenty-four years.
Jane Hufft


Twenty-First Century Genealogy
Compiling the San Francisco Marriage Returns Index by Kathleen C. Beals

California Ancestors
Ancestral Footsteps: The Okazaki Family by Linda Harms Okazaki
The Courtship and Marriage of Amos Gorrell, Jr. and Catherine E. Sayre in Ross County, Ohio by Lisa Gorrell
Laura Evelyn Duggan Gilbert Christie by Lavinia Grace Schwarz
1883 Pensioners List: Millidge, Charles to Philps, Oren 

For Our Readers
The Borkenhagen Files: Born in San Francisco compiled by Carol Horn

At the Society
Research Trip to the Allen County Public Library: Registration Flier 
Save the Dates!
Member Anniversaries Twenty-five to Fifty Years
Do You Have a WWI Ancestor?

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