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31 December 2013

The California Nugget - Fall 2013, Volume V, Issue 2

The Fall 2013 edition of The California Nugget, edited by Jane Hufft and produced by Lois Elling,  has been mailed to members. Here is Jane letter from the editor:
Dear Readers,
For most genealogists, it is all about the chase: to find the maiden name, the death date, the elusive spouse. Were there five children or six? What made them leave there to come here? It is a whole tapestry that we family historians want to weave, and it takes patience to bring all the strands together, perseverance to untangle the knots and determination to tug out the threads that don’t match. We hope that the articles in this issue will inspire you to keep on with your own researching and writing, not only to preserve your family’s story, but to share your discoveries with others.

Bill O’Neil’s World War I ancestor gave his life for his country, and the small town Richard Howard Ferrell came from will never forget his sacrifice. We are inviting more WWI ancestor stories for our next two issues, Spring and Fall 2014, to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of this calamitous upheaval that tragically altered forever the lives of so many families around the world. Bill’s article is in our “ Twenty-First Century” section to acknowledge that online resources and newspapers are major avenues for WWI research.
Henry Snyder’s ancestor, the brilliant and restless lawyer and newspaperman William Wal- lace Theobalds, traveled up and down the West Coast with his family in the nineteenth century. Were the early western states, so open and full of opportunities, a magnet for the talented and the restless? Because of the new, and magnificent, newspaper archives that are now online, the kind of detailed, careful and thorough research that Henry Snyder carried out is something more of us can aspire to. The powerful technology of OCR (optical character recognition) continues to improve, opening new avenues of information.

Georgia Lupinsky’s beautiful story of her grandfather’s life captures a bygone era and paints a portrait of a courageous, loving and kindly man. It is a perfect example of how a memoir can become part of a genealogist’s work.
Laura Lee Karp didn’t give up the search! Her story will rekindle your energy to keep on looking for that missing gravesite and lost ancestor. Although Find-a-Grave is marvelous, not all cemeteries and gravesites are yet included in its huge database, and sometimes we have to rely on tenacity and—gravestone karma. 
Jane Hufft, Editor 


Twenty-First Century Genealogy
  • Richard Howard Ferrell, World War I Soldier in France by Bill O’Neil  

California Ancestors
  • William Wallace Theobalds: Itinerant Lawyer, Newspaper Editor, Professor by Henry Snyder
  • Ellis Shinkle Baker of Morning View Kentucky by Georgia Lupinsky
  • James M. Everett’s Gravesite: Do Our Ancestors Signal Us from the Grave? by Laura Lee Karp
  • 1883 Pensioners: Phippen, Marg’t to Von Prieson, Victor
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