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20 July 2014

Nikkei Genealogy with Linda Okazaki: Ethnic Discussion Group Series

The California Genealogical Society will be hosting a series of ethnic discussion groups that are free and open to the public.  

Maruko Okazaki, ca. 1937, Santa Maria, California

The first in the series will be on Japanese Research-- on Saturday, August 2, 2014CGS Volunteer Linda Okazaki will be leading an introductory workshop and discussion on Nikkei Genealogy.

Here's a brief description of the introductory workshop:

Searching for your Japanese roots can be challenging but not impossible. Getting started is no different than researching any other ethnic group. Begin with yourself and work backwards, collecting birth, marriage and death records. Then venture into census, land and immigration records. For Nikkei, internment camp records and A-files are critical. All of these documents can give you clues needed to get your records in Japan.

Earlier this month, she presented her "Finding Your Japanese Roots” workshop on behalf of the Nikkei Genealogical Society at the 2014 National Conference for the Japanese American Citizens League. The JACL is the oldest Asian civil rights organization in the US, and was founded in 1929. To learn more about the JACL, visit:

We’re also happy to announce that Linda will be presenting her workshop "Finding Your Japanese Roots: In the U.S. and in Japan" at CGS on Saturday, September 27 from 10-2 pm.  Come & learn how to document your unique family history! 
Registration is already open:

For more details, please contact Linda at [email protected]

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