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29 January 2015

Scots-Irish Seminar: Early Bird Rate extended to 2/5!

Are you among the 33.3 million people claiming Irish descent in the US? This number is seven times greater than the population of Ireland (4.6m) itself. Between 1830 to 1914, almost 5 million persons left Ireland for the US alone. 

California has 2.5 million people of Irish descent, which is the highest of any state, with a concentration of 13.3 percent in Moraga in Northern California. 

 Would you like to learn more about how to trace your Scots-Irish ancestry? Fintan Mullen & Gillian Hunt of the Ulster Historical Foundation in Belfast, Northern Ireland will be here with a full day event featuring training and tips on how to find your Scots-Irish ancestry. Established in 1956, the foundation helps people discover their Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors. 

CGS' Scots-Irish Seminar will be held on Sunday March 29, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate, which is extended to February 5

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28 January 2015

Wordless Wednesday

New for 2015!

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20 January 2015

SFPL: Personal Digital Archiving Series Jan 15 - Apr 16, 2015

The San Francisco Public Library has a new DIGI Center on the 5th Floor of the Main Library at 100 Larkin Street.  

The wonderful staff from Government Information, Magazines & Newspapers and SF History Centers are offering a series you'll be interested in at the center-- among its programs for 2015 is a Thursday evening series on Personal Digital Archiving

The next workshop in the series is happening Thursday 19 February 2015 from 6:30-7:30PM. 

It's free, no need to register!  For more information, contact the SFPL at 415.557.4277

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13 January 2015

Santa Rosa Family History Fair: this Saturday 17 January 2015

Our friends at the Sonoma County Genealogical Society are having an all day Family History Fair this weekend entitled:

There's no charge for the event, but you do need to register, and bring a bag lunch. Topics include getting the most out of online records, DNA, making family videos and more.  

Lots of interesting classes and skills to impart to make your family history more accessible and attractive, so you may want to head to Santa Rosa and check it out! 

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12 January 2015

Scots-Irish Seminar: Registration Now Open!

Do you have Scots-Irish ancestry? 

Did you believe that researching Irish ancestors is a near impossibility because of the destruction of the Public Record Office in 1922? 

Actually it's not-- and there's more.  
We have a special Irish and Scots-Irish seminar scheduled for Sunday March 29 featuring Fintan Mullen and Gillian Hunt from the Ulster Historical Foundation, one of Ireland's foremost genealogy research organizations and publishing houses. Mullen is Executive Director and Hunt is a Research Officer with the foundation.  

This all-day seminar will provide very practical and detailed information on how to trace your Irish ancestors, with a range of topics that include an introduction, overview of records and history, to solving your brick walls. 

We'll be providing additional details in future posts, but wanted to give you the opportunity to take advantage of our Early Bird Special for registration. 

Registration for our Scots-Irish Seminar is now open!

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08 January 2015

The Path to Becoming a Genealogy Educator: Part I

By Craig Siulinski

Since 2008, I've been on a stimulating journey to immerse myself in the ways of genealogy.  My genealogy education has included taking a series of beginner and intermediate classes through the Oakland FamilySearch Library and the California Genealogical Society.  As a member of CGS, I also attended countless presentations and workshops, and volunteered in the areas of desk duty, technology maintenance and teaching the Beginners class on Saturday mornings. 

All of these experiences provided far more than knowledge-- they provided opportunities for learning genealogy, both inside and outside the classroom through networking, sharing and giving back.  After gaining so much knowledge from several years of genealogy self-education and from befriending an extremely supportive researcher community, I felt confident and prepared to submit a proposal to Berkeley Adult Education in 2012 to teach a nine-week genealogy class.  Although my proposal was accepted, I did not end up teaching the class because I moved shortly thereafter to Massachusetts for a new job. 
After adjusting to my new job and community, I pulled the proposal off the shelf and prepared a one-hour genealogy talk to be delivered as a special presentation at the local senior center.  My interest was to tap the communitys interest in genealogy.  Several months earlier, I had started volunteering as the leader of the weekly iPad Club so my reputation to engage with seniors had already been established.  The talk was well received.  It was also recorded live by the local cable television network, which gave more exposure to the idea of a genealogy class.  When I was packing up my materials, I was pleased to see that ten people had signed the form I had set out to determine interest in enrolling in a future genealogy class to be held at the center.
Members of Craig's genealogy class in Auburn, MA. Photo: Craig Siulinski
So now I knew there were enough people who were passionate and curious about genealogy to populate a weekly class at the center.  A few months later, the class started meeting on Wednesday evenings.  After introductory discussions, the class moved right into foundation-laying genealogy lectures with homework assignments to jumpstart them into searching for home sources and starting online research.  Each week, the level of enthusiasm seemed to go higher and higher, particularly when individuals shared feedback from their initial research and from interviews with family members.  The class culminated with trips to the local library in which I was able to assist students in real time with their researching on

In Part 2 of The Path to Becoming a Genealogy Educator, the journey continues as I branch out to teach at an Adult Education program, and get involved in starting my own business.  Ill also tell about a special student from my first class, to provide a highlight of the value that teaching genealogy brings. 

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