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29 January 2015

Scots-Irish Seminar: Early Bird Rate extended to 2/5!

Are you among the 33.3 million people claiming Irish descent in the US? This number is seven times greater than the population of Ireland (4.6m) itself. Between 1830 to 1914, almost 5 million persons left Ireland for the US alone. 

California has 2.5 million people of Irish descent, which is the highest of any state, with a concentration of 13.3 percent in Moraga in Northern California. 

 Would you like to learn more about how to trace your Scots-Irish ancestry? Fintan Mullen & Gillian Hunt of the Ulster Historical Foundation in Belfast, Northern Ireland will be here with a full day event featuring training and tips on how to find your Scots-Irish ancestry. Established in 1956, the foundation helps people discover their Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors. 

CGS' Scots-Irish Seminar will be held on Sunday March 29, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate, which is extended to February 5

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