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17 November 2015

Our Annual Appeal

The 2015 Annual Appeal is well underway and we're hoping for a great response!

At this time of year, we know that other charities and organizations are all competing for your time and resources. We also know that you are the reason that the California Genealogical Society continues to thrive so many decades after our 1898 establishment. In fact, our 120th Anniversary is just over two years away! 

We are very proud of our library—we think it may be one of the reasons you joined. It is the cornerstone of our organization, housing a collection of books, maps, pedigrees, manuscripts, and more. It also is an educational space for classes and events. As essential as the library is to our identity, even more important are the members and volunteers who truly define us. Our organization is a gathering place for like-minded individuals dedicated to one thing: genealogical research.

In order to ensure that our library continues to be a model for genealogical research, we need your help. It is important that our computers are state-of-the-art, that our collection continually grows, and that our educational events meet the needs of our community. However, membership dues only cover 40% of our operating expenses. By donating to the California Genealogical Society, you will help us to prosper. You, and your gift, make a difference.

Today, we ask for your help. Please consider donating by check or online. Matching corporate gifts are always welcome. 

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