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22 December 2015

Help us reach our Annual Appeal goal

We need your help to achieve our goal
The Annual Appeal for the California Genealogical Society has raised 64 percent — $8,000 — of its $12,500 goal.  Please help us reach 100%.

"So far, 95 members have contributed $8,000.  It’s wonderful to see the large number of donors from our committed membership,” said current Treasurer Kathie Jones.

Why is the money needed?
Membership fees only cover 40% of our operating expenses; most of the rest comes from special events and tax-deductible donations from members like you.

Kathie Jones stated, "Real estate in the San Francisco Bay area is incredibly expensive and as such, our rent (although reasonable by Bay Area standards) consumes 68% of our budget."

Our library, with thousands of volumes, is one of the premiere genealogy libraries on the West Coast, and is one of the main reasons that many of you joined the society.

Jones became the Treasurer this past year and has enjoyed the challenges of the job, as well as the camaraderie of her fellow volunteers.  "All of our volunteers tend to wear multiple hats, which contributes to the feeling of commitment that's apparent whenever you visit our library", she said.

2016 Goals
This year, the goal was set at $12,500 - $2,500 more than last year’s target to help us continue offering quality trips and speakers for you.
President Linda Harms Okazaki sent a letter to all members in November explaining, "In order to ensure that our society remains a leader in the genealogy field (in just over 2 years we'll reach our 120th anniversary), your help is needed."

The appeal helps support both our library and research services, which in turn has created our community of committed genealogy volunteers and members.

"We want to thank those who have already donated, plus get out a reminder that now's the time to get a 2015 tax-deduction by making a donation before year-end," says Okazaki.

In 2016 we are hosting a research trip to Washington D.C., in addition to our annual trip to Salt Lake City and our biennial trip to Boston.  Other near-term goals include hosting nationally and internationally recognized speakers, and giving back to the genealogy community by participating in indexing projects.

You make it all possible
Linda says, “So much has happened over the last few years in the world of genealogy and yet we’ve continued to move forward, especially in the last year.  Your support and commitment is the cornerstone of our success."

Please donate today.

You make our success possible.

Thank you.

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