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09 February 2016

Genealogy: Education Matters

By Linda Okazaki

Whether you are an occasional hobbyist, a certified or professional genealogist, or something in between, genealogical education is important.

Fortunately, we have many options and opportunities for continuing education. There are webinars and podcasts, community classes and virtual classes, conferences and institutes. Each of us can benefit from an educational plan.

At the California Genealogical Society, our members have an array of interests and skill sets. Maureen Hanlon, our in-house education coordinator, has been busy planning the 2016 calendar to meet this wide-range of needs.

Many members take advantage of educational opportunities in other areas. Jane Lindsey will host a research trip to The New England Historic Genealogy Society (NEHGS) in late February. Lisa Gorrell and Jim Sorenson will take a group of researchers to Salt Lake City in late April.  Interested in registering?  Our Eventbrite page has all the details and booking information.

Some of our members will also attend the upcoming National Genealogy Society (NGS) conference in May, the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in June and the Federation of Genealogy Societies (FGS) conference in August.

A completely different experience is an “institute.” These are week-long intensive educational opportunities where students study one topic in depth, led by a host of genealogical experts. Earlier this month, thirteen members of the California Genealogical Society attended the 21st Annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG).

CGS Members at SLIG 2016
Our members participated in a variety of learning tracks (from beginning DNA to advanced, land records, advanced methodologies and more) for a total of 325 instructional hours, plus a host of networking opportunities.  Next year, the number of tracks will be increased, including a new class by John Philip Colletta, Phd. on immigrant ancestors.

If a local class is more to your liking, please be sure to visit our Eventbrite page, or follow the Bay Area Calendar, for a monthly list of educational opportunities.

On the other hand, if you think you would like to teach a class, host a special interest group, or assist our research team, then these are some questions we'll have for you:  
Interested in teaching? Please contact either Maureen Hanlon or Linda Okazaki to discuss. We'd love to hear from you! 

Regardless of your long-term goals in family history, it’s always a good idea to keep on learning.

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