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10 March 2016

Inspiration, when you least expect it

At the recently completed Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), there was a contest held for the best tagline for attendees.  The idea of sharing your experiences via social media was the inspiration.

Our current president, Linda Okazaki!  What did she win? She gets to choose the course she wants for SLIG 2017.

Linda Okazaki, photo courtesy of Ron Madson
What was her winning tagline? 
Looking for ancestors, but finding friends #SLIG2016.  Linda says, “It was a spontaneous expression that just came to me.  I’ve made some wonderful friends through the years at SLIG.  Networking is a big component of institute attendance and I’ve developed some amazing long-term relationships!”

Linda's parting thoughts 
“Social media really can be a vehicle for developing personal relationships.  Also, I hope that people new to genealogy realize that there’s more to this pursuit than just finding ancestors.”

Congratulations to Linda Harms Okazaki!

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