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17 May 2016

Laura Spurrier publishes in NEHGS' Western Massachusetts file

Have you heard?  Long-time California Genealogical Society member Laura Spurrier added one of her relatives to the New England Historic Genealogical Society's Western Massachusetts Families database.  For those of you not familiar, it's quite an honor to be included.

Laura Spurrier,
photo courtesy of Kathy Watson, 2010 
Laura says, “NEHGS, the oldest and possibly fussiest genealogical society in the country, decided to start a series on families in western Massachusetts who stayed put instead of migrating further.  Members were invited to write about ancestors who were in Hampshire or Berkshire County in 1790.”

Laura has a long-term brick wall named Oliver Bartlett and over time has looked at many Bartlett families in the Hadley area.  There seemed to be almost a dozen, many using the same given names.  Church records burned and other records are sparse.  

When she learned about the project, she realized she had enough data about one family:  that of Daniel Bartlett, b. 1754.  Ironically, he can't be proven (yet) to be Oliver's brother, and NEHGS requires proof.  

Laura's article, "Daniel Bartlett, Hadley, Hampshire County”, is online on AmericanAncestors' database in the file labeled Western Massachusetts.  You will need to be a current NEHGS member to access it. 

The article will also appear in print as part of Volume 3 of Western Massachusetts Families in 1790, scheduled for publication sometime in 2017.  

Congrats Laura!

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