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28 May 2016

Spotlight on Genealogy Periodicals: Ohio!

by Nancy Cork

Did you know that The California Genealogy Society’s library has a fascinating collection of genealogy periodicals?

Let’s take a peek inside two issues of different Ohio-focused journals: a fresh from-the-mailbox issue, and an oldie-but-goodie from our shelves. In genealogy, newer isn’t necessarily better and research has a long shelf life!

In the fresh-from-the-mailbox issue of the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly, there is an article about the men who served in the 1st Regiment (Edward’s) Ohio Militia and the scandal in 1813 when George Edwards and his battalion were charged with disobedience and cowardice. A list of individuals in the regiment is included.

“War of 1812: 1st Regiment (Edward’s) Ohio Militia”
By Jeremiah Edwards
Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol 56:2, Spring 2016; pp. 119-122
Call number: F486 O55

Not what you were looking for?  In addition to the recent issue, our library also has the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly from Volume 11 to Volume 55 (1971 to present) with some gaps in the earlier years. 

Switching gears, you can also discover an oldie-but-goodie from our shelves in the October 1905 issue of The “Old Northwest” Genealogy Quarterly that is devoted to Granville, Ohio.   Inside you will find a story of the founding and history of a female college, with many photographs and drawings, along with lists of faculty, trustees and pupils from 1835 to 1898.

“Granville Female College”
By Harriet I. Whiting
The “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly
Volume 8, 1905; pp. 317 – 358
Call number: F476 O4 1905 Vol VIII

Want more issues to review?  The library also has The “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly from Volume 1, 1898 to Volume 15, 1912.

Still need more Ohio journals to choose from?  We also have The Ohio Genealogical Society Report in our collection.

Please come in and browse through our many magazines, newsletters and scholarly journals for more information on Ohio and other people, places and things.  Remember to look on the wall in the Sherman Room for current issues, and on the shelves by call number for all other periodicals.

Many people think we’ve only got genealogy research materials for California, but we’ve got so much more to offer.  I hope this gives you yet another reason to come in and visit our genealogy library. 

See you around the library!

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