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27 May 2016

Spotlight on Genealogy Periodicals: North Carolina!

by Nancy Cork

Did you know that The California Genealogy Society’s library has a fascinating collection of genealogy periodicals?

Let’s take a peek inside two issues of different North Carolina-focused journals: a fresh-from-the-mailbox issue, and an oldie-but-goodie from our shelves.  In genealogy, newer isn’t necessarily better and research has a long shelf life!

In the fresh-from-the-mailbox issue of the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, there is a fascinating (and exclusive!) article on indentured children in Perquimans County. As a way to find homes for children as young as one year old, indentures specified what craft the child was apprenticed to learn. This article includes ten pages of detailed information such as this listing:
“13 May 1850 George W. Whedbee, orphan of James Whidbee, age 9 was indentured to William Sutton who was tasked to teach him the art and mystery of farming.”

“Perquimans County Indenture 1842 - 1853”
By Sharon Gable
North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal
Volume 42:1, February 2016; pp. 33 - 44
Call number: F253 N882
Not what you were looking for?  In addition to the recent issue, our library has this periodical from Volume 1 in 1975 to the present.

Switching gears, you can also discover an oldie-but-goodie from our shelves. We found in the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register an older article taken from the “papers on file among the Court Records of Albemarle County, in the Court house in Edenton, N.C.”, that deals with the protests in Edenton, North Carolina in 1728:

“The Everard Riot in Edenton in 1728”
North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register
Volume 1:3, July 1900 pp.439-440
Call number: F251 N89

Want more issues to review?  You can find the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register on our library shelves dating from 1900 to 1903.

When you come to the library to browse our periodicals, remember to look on the wall in the Sherman Room for current issues, and on the shelves by call number all other periodicals.

Many people think we’ve only got genealogy research materials for California, but we’ve got so much more to offer.  I hope this gives you yet another reason to come in and visit our genealogy library. 

See you around the library!

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