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23 September 2016

Meet Arlene Miles: Genealogist, Board Member & Library Manager

Photo by Kathryn Doyle
If you haven’t met Arlene Georgia Schroeder-Miles, a long-time volunteer here at the California Genealogical Society & Library, then let me introduce you.  A native New Yorker, she’s been a San Franciscan since 1984, when she and her husband, Ted Miles, moved out west...and has put a smile on everyone’s face ever since.

How she serves the society
Arlene is now serving as both our current Library Manager and newly confirmed board member, representing the concerns of the library committee.  Our highly regarded former librarian and board member, Henry Snyder, appointed her. 

As the Library Manager, Arlene manages a group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining and growing our stellar collection of books, manuscripts and vertical files.

Arlene has excellent organizational and management skills. Her credentials include an Associate Degree in Library Technology from City College San Francisco.

Prior to retiring and becoming a volunteer with us, she served as an assistant librarian at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District before becoming the Records Manager at the Environmental Protection Agency.

What led her to the California Genealogical Society?
Retired and looking for something to do, she joined the California Genealogical Society in 2007 hoping to continue her genealogy research.

What was her first experience with genealogy?
“In the fourth grade, there was an assignment to draw a pedigree of three generations.  Of course I started with me...those were the instructions. I added my parents, then grandparents and found some hints that maybe there were more people in the family tree...”

What’s your perspective on genealogy?
“I have been adding bits and pieces to both our trees since joining CGS on the opening day of the library at the present location.  I like to ‘pay it forward’, by helping others to research and record their families.”

“After meeting Ted (the best thing that ever happened to me), getting married and moving west, I discovered he had a similar interest in genealogy, the rest is a history in the making...”

In addition to her volunteer work at the society, Arlene likes to collect postcards of places she visits, and enjoys the outdoors, especially walking at San Francisco’s beautiful Lands End park.

Look for her if you’re in the library.  Stop for a chat and I bet you’ll come away with a laugh and a smile.  Arlene, you’re another reason why people love the California Genealogical Society.  Thank you!

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