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14 September 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Vertical Files Grand Opening

If you missed the Vertical Files Grand Opening hosted by Pat Bonderud and Linda Darby this past Saturday, then enjoy these photos from that wonderful day.

What's the vertical file collection?  
Approximately 2,000 files of newspaper clippings, newsletters, correspondence, reproduced records, compiled family charts, research notes and many other interesting items. You never know what you’ll find in this eclectic collection. The contents of these files have been contributed by members and non-members over our 100+ year history. 

How do I search it?
We have an online Vertical File database that includes: a title (usually a surname), brief description of the contents, timeframe, and geographic location for each file.

Happy hunting!

Arlene Miles, our newest board member, cuts the ribbon
and opens the vertical file to everyone.
Photo: Ron Madson

Our vertical file curators: Pat Bonderud & Linda Darby
Photo: Shannon Reese
L to R: Linda Okazaki, Arlene Miles, Linda Darby & Pat Bonderud
Photo: Ron Madson
Linda Darby
Photo: Ron Madson

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