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20 October 2016

What's happening in 2017? More Classes, More Speakers, and...

by Maureen Hanlon

We're excited to let you know that plans for our education program in 2017 are moving fast.  

What's happening?
  • We've already confirmed Melinda Kashuba for February where she will talk about Migration to the Gold Rush, and the Legal Genealogist herself, Judy G. Russell, will be speaking in September.
  • A new DNA Special Interest Group (SIG) will be formed to help members with their test results and understanding.
  • And for beginners and all researchers looking to sharpen their skills, we will be offering a four-part, "Building Your Skills" set that will help you avoid common mistakes and build your family tree with best genealogical practices.  The series will include strategies on how to analyze and critically evaluate sources of the person, along with places and times.  It will be offered twice during the year.  
Other plans include a Media Day where our experts will talk about both Social Media and Organizing Your Media.  We'll continue offering ethnic and geography-based topics, including Central European genealogy.  Lastly, we hope to confirm an expert from Ancestry to give us all those inside tips and tricks.

There's always more "in the works"!  Please check our calendar and e-News for frequent updates. 

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