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16 December 2016

FindMyPast is now at The California Genealogical Society

by Maureen Hanlon 

In November we asked our eNews subscribers to help us decide on whether or not the California Genealogical Society (CGS) should continue having a subscription to the genealogy research website, FindMyPast (FMP). A trial subscription at the library ended on November 16. 

Of all the respondents, 80% were in favor of purchasing the subscription. So after hearing from our subscribers, even though the response rate was relatively small, it was up to the board to make a decision---and make a decision they did!  The Board voted to buy a subscription after considering the following:  survey results, library use, and also the value of having access to PERSI

What's PERSI?  FindMyPast's website states, "The PERiodical Source Index (PERSI) enables you to easily locate key information about people and places. It contains over 2.5 million entries from thousands of historical, genealogical and ethnic publications, making it an invaluable, comprehensive family history resource.

PERSI provides a simple way to access articles, photos, and other material you might not find using traditional search methods. This can help to build the historical context around your personal research, and the world your ancestors lived in."
We're excited that we're able to offer FindMyPast as another valuable, library-only resource for those visitors and members who come in for genealogy research. We also realize that many of you may not be that familiar with FMP, so we're making plans for a workshop and/or printed instructions on getting the most out of FMP when you visit the library.

Have you been to the library lately?  Now you've got one more reason to visit. See you soon!

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