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08 December 2016

Help us reach our $15,000 Annual Appeal goal

We need your help to achieve our goal 
The Annual Appeal for the California Genealogical Society so far has raised 40 percent — $6,000 — of its $15,000 goal. We’re currently on-track to meet it (thank you all) and are ahead by approximately $1000 compared to the same time last year. However, we still need your help to reach 100%.

Treasurer Kathie Jones states, "So far, 68 members have contributed $6,000.  I’m encouraged that our members are digging deeper this year to support our resource-rich genealogy society and library. Our average donation this year has increased to almost $87 per person.” 

Why is the money needed? 
Membership fees only cover 40% of our operating expenses; most of the rest comes from special events and tax-deductible donations from members like you.  Kathie says, "The cost of real estate in the San Francisco Bay area continues to be our number one expense for the society---meaning our rent consumes about 70% of our budget."

Our library, with thousands of volumes, is one of the premiere genealogy libraries on the West Coast, and is one of the main reasons that many of you joined the society.  We also learned through our member survey results that The California Nugget, our biannual genealogical magazine, is another huge draw for our members.

2017 Goals 
This year, the goal was set at $15,000 - $2,500 more than last year’s target to help us continue offering quality trips, classes, events and speakers for you, such as the world-famous Cyndi Ingle.  Cyndi’s seminar was sold-out and received rave reviews from the attendees.

We also led our first-ever trip to Washington, D.C. “Our genealogy research trip in November was a great success---we added almost $4,000 to our coffers and had a collegial group of genealogy-minded people who had a fantastic experience exploring all of the available federal and DAR records. I couldn’t be more happy with it!” exclaimed President Linda Harms Okazaki. 

Linda also wants to remind you to check your mail to see if you have received the Annual Appeal letter that was sent out in mid-November.  If you haven’t already done so, please consider contributing to the society. "Don’t forget that there’s a 2016 tax deduction created by contributing before year-end. I also want to thank each and every one of you that have donated or have volunteered in some way this year. Without your incredible dedication, none of this would be possible,” says Linda. 

What’s ahead in 2017?
Member Lisa Gorrell will lead our 17th annual genealogy research trip to Salt Lake City in April and on September 23rd we will play host to the incredible Judy G. Russell, also known as The Legal Genealogist.  We hope you’ll consider one or both of these amazing genealogical experiences.  Both help us raise needed funds for the society and library. We also have an interesting and constantly evolving slate of classes for you to choose from in the New Year.

The genealogy community is amazing 
In order to ensure that our society remains a leader in the genealogy field (in just over a year we'll reach our 120th anniversary), your help is needed.  With all the rapid advances in technology, we’re managing to stay current and remain a relevant resource for scholarship, education and community thanks to all of you.

Please donate today.

You make our success possible.

Thank you.

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