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30 January 2017

Why Go on a Research Trip to the Family History Library?

by Lisa Gorrell

Are you on the fence about whether a group research trip should be in your plans this year? Need some good reasons to encourage you to make the trip?

Here are my top reasons to visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City:

Research in the best library on the West Coast with microfilmed original records from around the country and the world.

Enjoy the successful finds with companions who get your excitement of breaking through a brick wall. You'll have access to consultations before and during the trip to help you over any researching hurdles. Your leader, Lisa Gorrell, and others in the group can be great sounding boards when you’re unable to make progress.

Family History Library consultants can help you, too. There are experts on every geographic area around the globe, especially the British Isles, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Make new friends and cultivate old friendships during lunch and dinner breaks.

And the best: Spend a week away from your home chores and focus on your research without distractions.  My personal favorite!

The deadline for the early bird pricing is February10th. The final deadline is March 10th.  Right now, we've only had two people register for the trip and we need seven more attendees to make it a go.

So what are you waiting for? Help us continue the annual tradition of our Salt Lake City Genealogy Research trip by registering today---you'll be glad you came!

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Jacqueline Henderson said...

I just registered and so excited to have this opportunity!

Lorna Wallace said...

That's the spirit, Jacqueline. I hope others will take advantage of the trip discount before 2/10: we only need 6 more to make it a trip!
Have much success and enjoyment at the SLC LDS library.

Thanks for enabling comments, Shannon.