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29 March 2017

Capital Campaign Update

Report from the Capital Campaign Committee
By now members should have received a mailing about the Capital Campaign. We hope you will consider being a part of this effort. We are on our way towards reaching our goal of raising $1.2 million and providing financial stability for our society for many years to come.  

How the idea got started
The idea to have a campaign began in fall of 2015. The CGS board appointed a committee who has been working on campaign strategies. The silent phase is now complete with almost $350,000 raised. Recently a mailing was sent to all members.

Over the past few months, the committee has posted several articles about what we’ve been doing including encouraging members to become life members. All money received from life memberships goes directly into the Sherman-Haughton Fund (formerly known as the Endowment Fund).

Why it’s needed
We hope you have read the material in the mailing and understand how important the campaign is to assure the continued success of the society. Our goal is to grow our existing financial “safety net” so that CGS will be prepared if we undergo challenging times as we did during the 2008 recession.  

Our goal to raise $1.2 million is an enormous endeavor.  We have confidence that our generous members will come forward with what they can donate to assist us in reaching this goal!

Here are some ways you can help us reach our goal:
  • Donate $1,000,000 and have the library named after you.  For example, it might be called The John & Mary Smith Library of the California Genealogical Society.
  • Contribute over $100,000 and you will have the opportunity to have your genealogical research done and/or published. If this is something you might consider, please contact Jane Lindsey.
  • Make a donation of $10,000. If 20 members gave $10,000 each, then that would raise $200,000.
  • Become a life member for $1,200. If 100 members become life members that would raise $120,000.
  • Donate $100. If all 1000 members gave $100, then that would raise $100,000.
  • Encourage others to join CGS. If we gained 100 basic memberships $4,000 would be raised.  If we gained 100 family memberships, we would have another $5,500.
Please remember that no contribution is too small!  We appreciate your support.  Thank you.

Capital Campaign committee
Chris Pattillo, Chair
Jane Lindsey
Sandy Fryer

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Chrispy said...

Shannon, the photo you selected accurately reflects how this feels but it's beautiful and there is a safety net so I am confident we can achieve our goal. Chris