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06 March 2017

SF History Days: History Comes Alive

What do you get when you combine period costumes, an historic building and enthusiastic organizations devoted to history?  Fun with a purpose!

What is SF History Days?  
From the SF History Days website, "...Join dozens of organizations celebrating and telling the stories of the City's unique past. Community historians, archivists, genealogists, archaeologists, researchers, educators, re-enactors and other history enthusiasts will enjoy a Free Community Open House on Saturday (March 4th) and Sunday (March 5th) at the historic site."
By the time I arrived, around noon on Saturday, the place was humming with people and excitement.  As you'll see from the photos, there were a cast of characters who love re-enacting the past and sharing their knowledge of the past.
Emperor Norton lives again!

How were we involved?
We had quite a few members who came to either speak or support the event on Saturday. Linda Okazaki, our President, Janice Sellers, Editor of The California Nugget, and Ron Filion of SFgenealogy presented "There is No History without Family History" to a large and engaged crowd.  Many questions were asked by the audience and quite a few stuck around at the end to get more detailed responses from Linda, Janice and Ron.  Rich Kehoe was also on-hand to enjoy the discussion. 

Janice Sellers
Linda Okazaki

A big thanks goes to Sandra Britt-Huber.  Sandra led our booth effort and was instrumental in getting us space for this year's event. She and her volunteers came up with creative ways to display all of our interesting historical artifacts.

What else was happening? 
A little gambling

Amazing gold ore stamping mill in the lower level.
Once used to stamp U.S. coins.
Shannon Reese hanging out with Adolph Sutro.
Thank you Sutro Library.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters that attended the event.

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Arlene Miles said...

Ted and I took the bus and Bart to Powell Street Station and walked to the Mint for SF History Days much like we've done in the past. We met up with some very familiar people from the other historical societies and non-profits, some we met for the very first time. I like the period costumes and the enthusiasm when I stopped to chat.