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26 June 2017

Want to get started using your DNA results for genealogy?

You’re not alone.  Almost daily we read about some breakthrough or connection being made using someone’s DNA.  Sometimes it’s helping us see connections that either didn’t occur to us or seems unlikely, but nonetheless the thread is there. 

The ABC’s of DNA
Some of you may already be a fan or you might be unfamiliar with her, either way Judy G. Russell, aka The Legal Genealogist, is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of genealogy and law and is presenting an all-day seminar at the David Brower Center in Berkeley on September 23rd.  It’s conveniently located in downtown close to the BART and with ample parking nearby.  Early-bird pricing available through July 5th.

One of the courses she’ll present is a wonderful primer class on DNA: ABC’s of DNA. Don't know which test to take? Not sure about the differences? This is your opportunity to hear one of the best introductory DNA lectures around. It's a don't-miss experience, capping off a day of lectures from one of the most sought after genealogists in the field. 

This lecture is a great way to get started on the genetic genealogy bandwagon. You’ll add some skills to your genealogy toolbox, and learn which test to take in order to add to your genetic family tree. 

Judy G. Russell, The Legal Genealogist
It’s not just DNA --- you get a full day of genealogy
We'll start off the day with a lecture about Facts, Photos and Fair Use: Copyright Law for Genealogists. It’s another incredibly important topic to understand before you begin writing, publishing, or presenting. Every genealogist should know about copyright law. 

After a beverage break (coffee, tea, juice), our second morning lecture will be about Martha Benschura - Enemy Alien . Did you ever wonder why someone would have been considered an Enemy Alien? Do you have Enemy Aliens in your family tree? If you do, how do you find out more?

Our catered buffet lunch by Greenleaf Platters will be a perfect time to catch up with old friends or to collaborate with colleagues. 

Judy will really liven up the afternoon with her lectures on Rogues, Rascals and Rapscallions: The Family Black Sheep. Have you got one?  Must of us have them in our families, and describing their adventures can really liven up your family’s history tales!

Then last, but most definitely not least, is the eye-opening ABC’s of DNA

Join us and enjoy a full day of genealogy, see some old and hopefully meet some new friends, and feel the excitement as we welcome The Legal Genealogist to town.  Tickets are selling fast, so don't wait.  We hope to see you there!

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