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21 February 2018

Passing the Baton

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 by Shannon Reese & Jennifer Dix

We want to let you know about a few changes coming up at The California Genealogical Society (CGS). Shannon Reese is stepping down as Blog Editor, after almost 2.5 years of heralding our society's story.  He will continue to focus on bringing relevant stories on genealogy and history to our Facebook and Twitter channels.

Shannon Reese, genealogy, Adolph Sutro
Shannon having fun with Adolph Sutro,
San Francisco History Days
Shannon joined CGS in January 2011 and has held many volunteer positions, from the research committee to chair of the previous PubMark (Publications & Marketing) committee.  He was also on the Board of Directors for many years. 

He’s been poking around in his family tree since 1996 and has learned countless stories about his diverse ancestors. Shannon’s also a firm believer in the power of DNA genealogy research. His mysterious Virginia ancestor, Sally Reese, has recently been accepted by the Leftwich family after years of trying to prove a connection.

Shannon is redirecting most of his energy towards new ventures at Chartwell Content, a marketing and writing firm, but plans to be a blog contributor from time to time as well.  We thank him for his service!
Jennifer Dix, genealogy
Jennifer Dix,
 New Blog Editor

Our new blog editor, Jennifer Dix, has lived in the Bay Area since 2000, and became a member of CGS several years ago. 

She worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 20 years before turning her focus to genealogy. Her own ancestry includes early New England settlers and Mormon pioneers (among others), but her interests are wide-ranging. 

She enjoys exploring California’s incredibly rich history and looks forward to learning and sharing more with you all.

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