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21 May 2018

Notes from the field: 18th Annual Family History Library Trip

In our 120th anniversary year, CGS members continue to host and participate in a variety of learning experiences. Last month, Lisa Gorrell led a group on the 18th annual trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lisa Gorrell (left) orients visitors to the library
We lucked out with the weather; while it had snowed in Salt Lake just the week before, during our visit temperatures soared and flowers were in bloom everywhere.

Our group of 14 had a great week of research, study, and socializing. 

Four of our members also took time for a day trip to the recently opened Topaz Japanese American Internment Camp Museum in Delta, where more than 11,000 persons of Japanese American ancestry were confined during World War II.

Kathy and Steve Ikeda, Linda Okazaki, and Jim Russell at Topaz
Our research was as varied as the participants. A few of us had amazing breakthroughs, while others found their brick walls remained stony. Sometimes it's a kind of vindication to know that even the experts can't trace that maddeningly elusive ancestor. All agreed it was well worth our while. Thanks to our fearless leader, Lisa, for organizing and leading the trip! 

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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

I want to thank everyone who came. Your participation was what made the trip so wonderful. I believe we were having so much fun, no one wanted it to end.