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06 August 2018

Mind Mapping for Genealogy

Ron Arons discusses using "mind maps" in genealogy
Last week's "Mind Mapping for Genealogy" class led by author and genealogist Ron Arons offered participants an in-depth look at how computer software can be used to create "mind maps" to improve and enhance our research. This is particularly helpful for those who best grasp ideas through visual learning. 

Ron is an entertaining speaker and a patient instructor who knows his material. He introduced attendees to three (free) software programs offering three different approaches to mind mapping: Visual Understanding Environment, The Brain, and Free Mind.

Chris Pattillo, who attended the class, said she "kicked the tires" of each program before coming to the session. "I can tell you that one--Visual Understanding Environment--is so intuitive and easy to use that I was able to create a multi-color organization chart for CGS before arriving at the class," she said. "The introductory video for the program called The Brain is dazzling and it appears to be amazingly powerful." 

It can be a labor-intensive undertaking to use the programs: each requires the user to first enter all their data on a particular subject before being able to analyze the information. But if the effort helps solve one of your family mysteries the time may prove worthwhile.

Thanks to Ron for presenting the class and to Maureen Hanlon and her Events Committee team for making it all happen.

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