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12 March 2019

Changes at the Nugget

The first issue of The California Nugget, published in Spring 2009

It was 10 years ago this spring that our biannual magazine The California Nugget was launched under the direction of the late Jane Hufft. We hope you all are looking forward to the forthcoming Spring 2019 issue!
There’s been some recent reorganization. Janice Sellers, who assumed the post of editor in the fall of 2016, saw the publication through the Society’s 120th anniversary year in 2018 even as she relocated to Portland, Oregon. We appreciate her leadership over the past two years.

At this time, Nugget assistant editor Stacy Hoover and CGS blog editor Jennifer Dix have agreed to act as co-editors. They are joined by a talented team that includes Marie Treleavan and Barbara Kridl; Lois Elling continues to provide her incomparable layout skills. 

Thanks to everyone who’s provided us with first-rate content, feedback, and encouragement! As always, we welcome submissions for consideration in future issues. (Click HERE for submission guidelines.)

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Chris Pattillo, FASLA said...

Thanks to our great team who work diligently to produce the Nugget.

Shannon Reese said...

Thanks to all of you for continuing to produce this wonderful publication, which also happens to be a great benefit of being a California Genealogical Society member!