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24 April 2019

Our Library Collections: New Mexico

One in a series by CGS member Chris Pattillo highlighting some of our holdings at the Library in Oakland. For a fuller listing of our books, journals, and more, consult the CGS Library catalog in WorldCat.

Article in the most recent edition
of The New Mexico Genealogist
The state of New Mexico section begins with The Journal of the New Mexico Genealogical Society’s New Mexico Genealogist. Our set covers the period from 1988 to the current editions. The most recent volume starts with two articles on DNA written by Henrietta M. Christmas. Another article that looks very useful is “Preserving the Past: How Digital Copies Can Save Your Family History." This is a detailed article about scanning historic photos that covers set up, resolution, image format, image type, rotation, file naming, safekeeping, scanners and much more. It sounds a lot like what one would learn in a class with our own Ron Madson.

Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico features Yetta Kohn
Hidden between other volumes is a tiny booklet titled Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico 1821-1917. It is a catalog for an exhibit that opened at the Museum of New Mexico in 2000. One of the featured individuals is Yetta Kohn, Matriarch, rancher and businesswoman.

Origins of New Mexico Families is not only
aesthetically pleasing but beautifully organized
Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period by Fray Angélico Chávez is beautifully done. It is not only graphically appealing but the care in organizing and presenting the people featured in the book makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The author's foreword begins with a confession: “This work is a sort of by-product.” It began as he sought information on the Franciscan Missions of New Mexico. He admits that, “After several years of digging, Mission facts were still relatively scanty, while notes on the lay pioneers had piled up considerably.” Beginning research in one place and stumbling onto something else is something we can all probably relate to. 

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