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23 September 2019

CGS Champions: Our Shelf-Read Team

Our champion shelf read team at work
Chris Pattillo writes:

Recently whenever I have visited the library I’ve seen one or more CGS volunteers working on the shelf-read project. The other day I chatted with Arlene Miles, co-chair of the Library Committee, about this project, and learned that it is a two-part undertaking that began over a year ago. Part one was the “shelf read,” which is a spot check to make sure the books on the shelf are in the correct order and that no books have inadvertently been pushed back behind others. With volunteers coming in every Thursday to tackle the task, it took about seven or eight months to complete.

Linda Edwards, focused
Vic and Karen Halfon completed most of the shelf-read work. On this day, they were joined by Gibran Rath, Wendy Polivka and Linda Edwards, who were at the library working on the second part of the task - doing an inventory.

The inventory involves printing a list of the books we are supposed to have from the catalog and comparing that list to what is found on the shelf. Sounds easy enough; but it is not quite so simple. If a book does not appear in its proper place on the shelf these volunteers must first check if it is somewhere else in the library before they declare it missing.

Another volunteer, Phil Hoehn, reviews the completed lists and double-checks to confirm if a book is missing. If he cannot find it, Phil edits the catalog listing. Occasionally, a book is found on the shelves that was not listed on the inventory. In these cases Phil catalogs the book.
Gibran, Karen and Linda teamed up

This work requires focus and attention to detail. Fortunately, we have a great team of volunteers who show up faithfully and seem to enjoy working together. Next time you see one of them, be sure to say thank you. It takes a community to maintain our library – we are lucky to have members like Vic, Karen, Gibran, Phil, Wendy and Linda. 

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