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24 November 2019

"The Great Thanksgiving Listen": Interview your family, share your story

Great Thanksgiving Listen placemat
You can download this image to use as a placemat (or note card)
at the Thanksgiving table

As we all know, genealogy is about storytelling as much as it is about pinning down dates and places. For the past several years, the public radio program StoryCorps has encouraged people to take part in "The Great Thanksgiving Listen," an opportunity to interview relatives or share our own family histories while gathered at the holidays. The StoryCorps website offers suggestions for questions and discussion. They even offer a downloadable printable placemat for the holiday table, with "icebreaker" questions to get the process going. There's also an interview app and tips for individuals, families, and educators. A great family history activity for young and old!

Click here to download the placemat.

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