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09 January 2020

New in the Library: The Bedecarré Family History

One of the newest additions to our library should be an inspiration to everyone. The Bedecarré Family History begins some 400 years ago in France, with a family named Bedecarrat (later changed to Bedecarré). The book is a hefty one, weighing in at six and a half pounds, and is divided into eight sections that include Ambrose, McKisson, Broomhall, Griffith, Sloyan and Reid relations, plus a section on the patents invented by a G. Griffith.

Bedecarrat family members sail for France, May 1923
The Bedecarré line begins circa 1600 with Bernard Bedecarrats-Buru in Esquiule, France, and includes ten generations ending with John Bedecarré, who was born in San Francisco in 1922. John and his wife, Cathy (Reid) Bedecarré worked with John Maestri from Bodega Bay to research and produce the book, published in 2016.

Photos of John and Cathy (Reid) Bedecarré from the book
Each section of the book provides background information about the places John's and Cathy’s ancestors lived, with lots of color photos. Biographical information and more photos of individuals from each generation follow. Original documents are included with relevant facts highlighted in red. Each document is clearly dated and labeled and personal signatures are emphasized. The book includes all kinds of documents and historic family photos–people, residences, businesses owned and more.

In reviewing the book, CGS Corresponding Secretary Nancy Cork called it “a uniquely beautiful and informative volume that will not only aid in research, but will also inspire other family historians trying to preserve their own stories. This is a truly lovely creation.”

Family photo from the book
Our library team is currently cataloging the new book and it will be on our shelves soon. The Bedecarré book will be available at the annual meeting on January 11. We invite members to bring a family book you’ve created and share a little about it in a three-minute presentation. It should be fun and informative. After the presentations authors will be available to answer questions.

One of many images from the section on G. Griffith's patents

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