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24 February 2020

Results of the CGS Member Survey

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Late in the fall of 2019, we emailed a 26-question survey to our 880 members. We received 202 responses! Here are some of the things you told us:

Nearly half (47.8%) of the respondents rated their own genealogy skill level as Intermediate, while 20% rated themselves as Advanced, and 25% as Beginners. Two percent of the respondents were Certified Genealogists. About 75% said they belong to or participate in other genealogical societies, or regularly visit other libraries and archives.

We’re happy to know that 88% of respondents think CGS is offering classes that are of interest to them. Leading topics of interest were DNA (genetic genealogy), methodology, and technology, with a number who appreciated classes on particular countries or ethnic or geographical groups. Related to this were requests that the CGS Library carry more books on particular countries: at the top of the list was Britain, followed closely by Ireland, then Germany and related regions (such as Prussia and Pomerania). There also was considerable interest in Scotland, Canada, France, Italy, and the Baltic states.

Librarian Arlene Miles welcomes suggestions for new books
you'd like to see in the CGS library

Regarding the requests for books, CGS Librarian Arlene Miles would love to know what specific titles you’d like to see in the library. Please email her at [email protected].

While 63% of you feel it is very important that the society maintains its own library, slightly more than half (54%) would like more events to be held in different venues. The reasons for this varied, although many members live far enough from downtown Oakland that it is difficult for them to visit.

Many (68%) of you have a strong interest in seeing CGS offer online classes, live webinars, or posting recorded classes online. Our 2020 goal is to recruit volunteers with the necessary technical skills to set up and oversee this kind of a program.

We appreciate the feedback. CGS is continually striving to engage members by being responsive to their interests. The newly redesigned website includes a link where you can send us any comments or feedback on our programs and your needs.

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