Online Genealogy, Week of May 25-31

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Here are some online genealogy events offered this week. Most are free. See our post Genealogy Learning in the Time of Coronavirus,”for links to archived classes at Ancestry, FamilySearch, RootsTech, and more. The National Genealogical Society also offers some free resources online.
Don’t miss the two CGS online classes offered this week!
May 28: The Chinese Exclusion Files: A Treasure Trove of Original Documents by Trish Hackett Nicola
May 30: 20th-Century Immigration and Naturalization Records by Marisa Louie Lee

Legacy Family Tree and MyHeritage offer these webinars:

May 26: Enlightened Design with the MyHeritage Chart Creation Tool by Janet Hovorka

May 27: Mistrust Transcriptions: And Here’s Why by Dr. Bruce Durie 

May 29: Fridays in May: Your Questions Answered LIVE—More Tech with Thomas by Thomas MacEntee 
Also, Legacy Family Tree continues to unlock one archived webinar per day through the month of May. The classes follow a 7-day rotating theme:
Sundays – Methodology
Mondays – DNA
Tuesdays – Ethnic Genealogy
Wednesdays – TechZone
Thursdays – Around the Globe
Fridays – Beginners
Saturdays – Technology

May 25: Which Spot Does X Mark, Anyway? X-DNA Testing in Action by Debra Renard
May 26: Jewish Genealogy for the Non-Jew: History, Migration, DNA by Schelly Talalay Dardashti
May 27: Need a Fillable Form? Word Has Your Back! by Amie Bowser Tennant
May 28: Effective Use of GENUKI: England’s Largest Free Genealogy website by Paul Milner
May 29: 1910-1940 Federal Censuses & State Censuses to Fill in the Gaps by Amie Bowser Tennant
May 30: Microsoft Word Series: Getting Started with Microsoft Word by Thomas MacEntee
May 31: Ten Tools for Genealogical Writing by Harold Henderson

Conference Keeper lists many of the above, as well as the following:
May 26:  United States Vital Records Overview (FamilySearch)

May 26: Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA by Alec Ferretti (Virtual Genealogical Association)
May 26: Documenting An Ancestor, Seema Kenney (Thomas Crane Public Library)

May 27: “Homestead Act” by Peter Summers (Pinellas Genealogy Society)
May 28: “The Pursuit of Happiness and the Migration Experience: Faith, Land and Hope” by Wolfgang Grams (Germanic Genealogy Society)
May 28: Using Non-Population Schedules for Context and Evidence with Jill Morelli (Florida State Genealogical Society)
May 31: “Finding B. Berman: A Case Study in Getting Past a Genealogical Brick Wall” by Martin Fischer (Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois)

May 31: Scottish Genealogy Workshop by Paul Milner (Heinz History Center)
May 31: Food: A Window on Jewish Life, Culture, and Genealogy, by Joan Nathan (Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston)

Stay safe, be well, and happy learning!
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